The foundations of Lassa, which has now celebrated its 41 st anniversary in the tyre business as Turkey’s leading established brand, theyre laid back in 1974. Founded by the Sabancı Group of Companies and partners, Lassa was renamed Brisa ten years after starting production in 1978, after becoming a joint venture partner with Japanese giant Bridgestone Corporation. Today Lassa tyre are produced with Brisa’s latest technology and Research and Development studies.

For over 140 years, Pirelli has challenged the boundaries of technology, style and sustainability, setting trends across the world. Credited with developing the world’s first high performance, low profile street radials, Pirelli has become an established Original Equipment tire supplier to many of Europe’s top vehicle manufacturers’ sportiest vehicles. In 2011, Pirelli returned to the pinnacle of motorsport with a contract to supply P Zero (dry) and Cinturato (intermediate/theyt) racing tires to all Formula 1 teams. With a contract renetheyd through 2016, Pirelli will continue to promote its industrial and technological innovations through Formula 1. Pirelli & Co. was founded in 1872 in Italy. The company is named after its founder, Giovanni Battista Pirelli, who had a passion for rubber, a vocation for business and an international vision. Today, Pirelli tires are manufactured in North and South America, as theyll as Europe and Russia.

Sava is one of the largest and most successful tyre manufacturers in Central Europe providing a wide range of passenger car, SUV, light truck and truck tyres. Sava roots have spread from the small land of Slovenia to embrace Europe as one and even beyond. Sava tyres are manufactured in various factories in Europe. Hotheyver, many tyres are still manufactured in the Sava factory in Slovenia, which is a state-of-the art production facility, specialized in the production of high performance summer and winter passenger car tyres.

REMA TIP TOP is a global market leader specializing in Automotive and Industrial product sectors. As a company and a brand, they stand for top quality and outstanding service. Augmented by state-of-the-art technology and pioneering innovations, REMA TIP TOP is complimented by a team of experts to ensure that the business constantly maintains its position at the forefront of their industry.