Sparco, a leading Motorsport Company on roads and tracks, maintains and respects their values with special collections produced under license by prestigious international partners. Sparco products have always had the potheyr to revolutionise the world of motorsports and have become a fixed reference point for the industry. They aim to consistently offer products of superior quality without neglecting the classic elegance expected of an Italian brand. Sparco has expertly combined safety, technology and style in a unique product.

Robna marka MI3 predstavlja široku liniju proizvoda dodatnog asortimana za automobile. Mi3 se razvija uspješno već 12 godina, te asortiman prilagođava potrebama tržišta. Asortiman čine metlice brisača, auto žarulje, auto presvlake, auto tepisi, sjedalice, navlake za upravljač, lanci za snijeg, strugači, krpe i spužve za čišćenje, sjenila za stakla, punjači akumulatora, radne lampe, start kablovi, zatezači tereta, svjetiljke, kompresori, usisavači, cerade. MI3 spada u sektor best buy proizvoda s obzirom na odličan omjer cijene i kvalitete te širok asortiman i brza isporuka.

Spare parts from Bosch impress by their quality, reliability and innovative technology. They only go into serial production once they meet their very stringent requirements. With state of the art lights and brake systems, batteries with extremely long lives, wiper blades, starters and air filters that let six times less pollutants into the interior of ytheir car, Bosch provides high quality spare parts that make driving safer, more comfortable and more eco-friendly. Naturally, Bosch spare parts are available for almost all vehicle types in ex-works quality. That means: Spare parts from Bosch have the same first class quality as those fitted in ytheir car by the manufacturer.